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Booster Club

The primary purpose of the Club is to provide assistance to the Tornettes in their curricular and extracurricular functions at the request of the Tornettes and/or Tornette Director. All policies of the Tornettes are under the regulation of the school authorities. Responsibilities and Boundaries:

The Club:

• Provides support for the dance program and extracurricular activities of the dance team.

• Encourages parents’ involvement.

• Coordinates programs and projects that will support or enrich the dance team.

• Organizes fundraising efforts to support programs, equipment, and services no covered in the school budget.

• Recruits’ volunteers, coordinate volunteer efforts to staff dance functions, and assist with dance program.

The booster club is a nonprofit organization which strives to create funds to support the Ball High Tornettes throughout the year with various activities including but not limited to:

1. Tornette Induction

2. Annual Tornette Banquet

3. Spring Show

4. Support Tornette efforts in Competition

5. Miscellaneous fundraisers

6. Meals at away games

7. Operating concessions

8. Christmas Banquet

9. Banners for Seniors

10. Jr. Dance Camp

11. Performance Meals

12. Senior night activities

Our Purpose

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