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About Us

     Galveston's own dancing darlings, the Ball High Tornettes, are the official dance team for the Ball High Tornadoes. This is where passion for dance and love for the community combine under the magical Texas Friday night lights. The team in comprised of talented and well rounded individuals who strive to be ambassadors for the community

      The Tornettes start their year in mid-July going through weeks of team camp preparing for the year ahead working on skills, technique and routines. Then, they begin their first performance season under the "Friday Night Lights" dancing during the halftimes of all the football games. Once football season is over, they begin their 'Season of Giving' by participating in multiple community outreach project and performing in Central Middle School's annual Winter Show. When they get back from winter break they begin prepping for competition and Mardi Gras. The Tornettes and Ball High Band participate in at least 7 parades every year to show their love and dedication to the island. Right after Mardi Gras, they jump into competition season where they get to showcase their talents and skills competing against teams all over Texas. Finally, once competition is over they prepare for their biggest event of the year, their annual Tornette Spring Show.

     Being a Tornette takes more responsibility, dedication, leadership and commitment than your average high school student. The team is one of the first to arrive at the school and one of the last to leave. They begin their day with early morning 6am practices and can end their days with 7pm game days for football or basketball. The Tornettes have to maintain all their responsibilities they have on the team while managing their time for schoolwork and other academic activities. Once they leave this team they are taking with them a variety of transferable skills to help them become successful adults in society. 





     The Ball High Tornettes are considered one of the oldest drill teams in Texas dating back to 1949. The Tornettes were a pep squad which became a drum and bugle corps of more than 100 members and eventually evolved into a precision drill team. One of its first directors was the infamous Barbara Tidwell. Barbara Tidwell worked at Ball High for a few years teaching history. She created the dance team and modeled them after the world famous Kilgore College Rangerettes. The Tornettes were patterned in red, white and blue and were turned into a precision drill team. After her few years at Ball High, she was recruited by Southwest Texas State University where she created the Texas State Strutters.


     As the years went on, the Tornettes evolved into one of the island's most beloved treasures. The Tornettes have had a huge influence and impact in the growth of Texas drill teams.  

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Our History

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