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Demerit/Merit Systems 

  1. The director will provide the members with a written set of rules and explanation of the system used. 

  2. A record of demerits received by each member will be maintained by the director. 

  3. Starting the first official school day, any demerits will remain on record until the end of the Tornette season. (Starting from Line Auditions and ending after Spring Show) 

  4. The consequence for demerits is jump squats. For every demerit, the member must complete 25 jump squats. Jump squats will be don’t at the end of every week. All teammates with demerits will do their jump squats together. 

  5. Demerits will be weighted differently depending on the severity of the consequence. 5 light-weighted demerits in a week and good behavior throughout the week, the director may choose if you are eligible to perform. 

  6. Merits will be given for acts the directors and officers recognize as exemplary acts. 

  7. Merits will be able to replace the light-weighted demerits only. For every three merits, one demerit may be taken off your record. 

Disciplinary Expectations 

  1. Members who participate in the Galveston Independent School District Dance Team will comply with the following documents and procedures at all times: Galveston Independent School District Dance Team Constitution, Galveston Independent School District Student Code of Conduct, Directives given by the directors – written or verbal. 

  2. Members who do not comply with the above documents/directives will result in the issue of one or more of the following: demerits, probation, suspension, and/or loss of membership for the remainder of the school year. 

  3. Repeated violations of school policy will be subject to dismissal from the team based upon the recommendation of the director and the grade level principal and administrator.


Demerit System – Line Members 

1-9 Demerits

10-15 Demerits – 2 Week Probation: Required to attend all rehearsals with no performance privileges 

16-19 Demerits – 6 Week Suspension: Cannot attend/participate in any Tornette events, rehearsals, or performances (still required to attend practice without participating)

20 Demerits – Dismissal from the Dance Team 


Demerit System – Officers and Socials 

1-5 Demerits 

6-10 Demerits – 2 Week Probation: Required to attend all rehearsals with no performance privileges. (Demotion after reaching 6-10 for the second time.)

10-15 Demerits – 6 Week Suspension: Cannot attend/participate in any Tornette events, rehearsals, or performances (still required to attend practice without participating) 

16 Demerits – Removal of Officer or Social Position 

20 Demerits – Dismissal from the Dance Team 


Demerits (Heavily-Weighted) 

Drinking 20

Fighting 20

Smoking 20

Doing Drugs 20


Insubordination towards Officer 1-10

Insubordination towards Director or Teacher 1-10

Missing a Performance 5

Missing Practice 3

Letting Another Person Wearing Tornette Gear 1 (per piece) 

Cursing in Uniform 3

Talking out of Ranks 2

Visible Undergarments at a Performance 2 (per piece)

Jewelry at Performance 5

Talking on Field During Performance 3

Moving While Waiting on Field 1

Being Late to Practice 1

Being Late to Performance 5

Call Times:

Officers 15 min. Before set time

Line 10 min. Before set time

Marking at Performance 5

Missing Performance Pieces/ Hair 2 (per piece) 


Demerits (Light-Weighted) 

Talking at Practice 1

Cursing at Practice 1

Eating/ Drinking w/o Permission 1

Jewelry at Practice 3

Forgetting Practice Clothes 1 (per piece)

Marking a Dance 1

Visible Undergarments at Practice 1 (per piece)

Using Cell Phone at Practice 2

Chewing Gum 1

Unapproved Nail Polish 2

Forgetting Proper PPE 1



  1. Probation: - defined as a member and will not be able to perform in any performance of the dance team BUT must attend all practices. 

  2. Suspension: defined as a member but will not be able to participate in dance team performance, practice, or function. 

  3. Loss of Membership: defined as a member that will not be permitted participation in any activity of the dance team for the remainder of the school year. A dismissed member must turn in their performing uniform(s) and any other issued items. The student will be removed from the dance team class and placed into the appropriate class/subject with the guidance of the counseling center. 

  1. Any member who makes below a 70% in any course in a 6-weeks report card will be placed on probation for the next three weeks. (Exception: first eligibility check due to UIL on the first 6-weeks progress report) The probation begins seven calendar days after the end of the grading period. (Texas Education Code 33.081) 

  2. Officer candidates are held to a much higher standard and must be in good academic standing. If an officer fails more than 1 six weeks, they will be removed from their position.

  3. Any member who is ineligible for any two 6-week grading periods will be dismissed from the team for the remainder of the year. 

  4. Any member who is dismissed or resigns from the team during the school year is eligible to audition for the team for the next school year and will only receive privileges given to a first year member.

  5. Any member assigned Out of School Suspension or DAEP will be immediately dismissed from the team for an indefinite amount of time. Reinstatement can only occur through a written appeal process. Team members are prohibited from the following disciplinary behaviors: 

  • Fighting 

  • Alcohol 

  • Possession and/or use of tobacco products and/or drugs 

  • Inappropriate language/profanity 

  • Inappropriate Behavior 

  • Destruction and/or defacing school property 

  • Insubordination to faculty


The school will furnish the dance team performance uniforms and props. The props are to remain at school unless checked out by the director. Each member is held responsible for the care and return of the members’ uniform and props. The member will pay for any damaged uniform or prop, or any uniform not cleaned at the end of the school year. Dance attire and other accessories, and any other items designated by the director, must be purchased by members. Please fill our and turn in Uniform and Equipment Contract attached. 



  1. The entire uniform must be kept clean and in good condition. 

  2. A signed Uniform contract must be on file. 

  3. Members must wear all parts of the performance uniform in specified performance areas. 

  4. Any member who is dismissed or resigns from the team is required to return all school issued uniforms and accessories, professionally cleaned with receipt attached, within seven school days. Failure to comply with this directive will place student on the “not clear” list on the campus. 


  1. All school property issued to any dance team member will be kept in good condition and returned to the director as it was originally issued. Replacement costs will be at the expense of the member. 

Items purchased by Tornette Members 

  1. All uniform pieces, costume pieces, and practice gear purchased by the individual participant become the individual’s property once received by the Tornette member and should be well maintained through the duration of the season. 

  2. Failure to keep pieces in performance ready condition can result in the Tornette purchasing an additional piece to replace the damaged article at the cost of the dancer. 

  3. Once the member has paid for the pieces, no refund can be issued. In the case of resignation, the Tornette will be issued the purchased good upon its arrival.