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tornette interest & parent meeting
    february 23, 2023
bhs lecture hall

*this meeting is mandatory for candidates and current tornettes.



    march 6, 2023- march 8,2023
     BHS lower Gym


movement learning day attire
   wear something to dance in and dance shoes or tennis shoes.


What forms do I need to bring march 6?

- Signed constitution

-signed audition form

- completed physical on file with bhs athletic trainer


Day 1 with Counts    

Day 1 with Music    

kick combination with counts

kick combinations w/ music

Audition Music 23'

audition day attire

black leggings

black form fitted t-shirt or tank top

dance shoes/ tennis shoes

hair out of face and slicked back

full face of make-up w/ red lipstick

Score Sheet

Showmanship/ Presentation (out of 25 pts)

Execution/ Precision (out of 25 pts)

Technique (out of 25 pts)

Skills (out of 25 pts)

TOTAL    _________/ 100 pts

current members

If you are a current team member and wish to remain on the team, please read the constitution and submit a new physical packet on March 6, 2023 to secure your spot on the team. If you do not submit signed paperwork, you will not be able to return the following year. 

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Payment Breakdown

New Members

Total Cost:$1489

Initial Cost Due March 29:$749

Due April 17: $148

Due May 15: $148

Due June 12: $148

Due July 17: $148

Due August 14: $148

Returning Members

Total Cost: $393.90

Initial Cost Due March 29: $300

Due April 17: $18.78

Due May 15: $18.78

Due June 12: $18.78

Due July 17: $18.78

Due August 14: $18.78

audition technique video

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